Saffi support the Jaipur based Charity i-India whose mission is to provide care and support to children living on the streets of Jaipur., Their main programs are:

  • Child Line : a 24 hr help line for children needing assistance.

  • Shelter Homes for 200 orphaned or abused children.

  • Ladli : vocational centres.

  • Shwetaark: child development & education outreach centres

  • Jhag Children Village: 40km outside Jaipur. Home for 100 orphaned children and a school for 350 rural children living below poverty line, health centre, vocational centre and community hall.


Message received 1 April 2020 :

We at I-India have a larger role to play, and we’re rolling up our sleeves to serve and moving forward to help the marginalised community and migrant population, who cannot earn during a lockdown in the region.

Today, our team has identified some challenging remote statements in Jaipur and provided them necessary ration package, which includes flour, rice, pulse, salt, cooking oil, potato and some basic items for them to survive on. It is an additional emergency service for population on street, slums and makeshift tents. Apart of this, I-India is running its shelter homes for migrant and destitute children and a 24 hours Child Helpline services despite the lock down in city.


Saffi sent funds of $10,000 to be used for dry ration kits, protective masks and PPE kits for frontline workers.


Saffi Funding:

2017: £7,600

2018 : £16,000

2019: £20,000

2020: £7,400 (covid-19) & £18,500